ICT RESOURCE CENTER UGANDA.offers a number of ICT services which include
Web designing, CMS, digital marketing, teaching,Software selling and installtion, computer repairs and servicing;

Each of my sessions as a private teacher include an assessment, educational and engaging activities, and a homework review.
I assess each student’s specific needs in order to come up with customized lessons, such as learning new study skills, boosting confidence, or working on test-taking skills.
After the first assessment session, I work with each student to come up with a strategic learning plan.
I don’t believe in dependency — my goal is for each student to acquire enough skills to become an independent learner.

Years of Experience and Proven Results

In 2015, I discovered the need for more private instructors in my hometown of Ntungamo.
Since then,
I have worked with clients of all ages in order to help them discover their full potential while taking on an approach highlighting patience and self-encouragement.
Through my unique and personalized approach, my students are able to develop study habits and effective learning strategies that last.
My greatest joy is watching students succeed and unlock the future


Teaching isn’t just ingraining information into students’ minds to memorize — it’s about providing them with the tools they need in order to think critically and succeed.
I believe that successful teaching changes habits, and ultimately improves quality of life. Since 2015,
I have provided Ntungamo area students with private lessons, and have helped all of them reach their potential.


I am an expert in Web,CMS Development as well as networking . I really enjoy delivering a high quality, well structured code to my customers.
I use N-tier architecture to make my code well structured so its easy to understand for everyone.
I'm myself honest, motivated and reliable person.
Feel free to get in touch

APPLICATIONS configurtions

Computers work interdependant with softwares deployed on them and thus they cant exist without them. hence aneed to configure a number of them. ie. operating sytem , office etc.


I have undertaken a number of sessions for trainees on a number of programmes concerning their needs.
i have been doing this both online and offline. these include as

  1. quickbooks
  2. Point of sale
  3. office suites
  4. Web development


Every professional in charge of alab/ computes must mantain them in good shape and standard.

i have undertaken a serries of diagnosing computer hardware issues, upgrading hardware on a computer and repairing in a number of organisations. this has made me more to acquire higher experience.